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Increase your happiness level


Clarify your goals


Improving your relationships, career


Overcome the obstacles holding you back

Our Life Coaching Services

Who do we serve?

Transformative Life Coaching for Every Stage of Your Journey


Empowering Teens to Navigate Life’s Challenges with Confidence

College Students

Guiding College Students to Thrive in Academia and Beyond

Early Career Professionals

Helping Early Career Professionals Accelerate Their Success

Life Coaches would help you in



Personal Identity:

We offer personalized coaching to help teenagers establish their identity, nurture self-esteem, and build confidence.


Academic Success:

Our services include strategies for improving academic performance, time management, stress management, and preparation for college.


Emotional Development:

We also focus on assisting teenagers in understanding and regulating their emotions, fostering positive relationships, and developing effective communication skills.


Future Planning:

Our life coaches guide teenagers in exploring potential career paths and setting achievable goals for their future

College Students


Career Guidance:

We provide coaching to help students choose a major, seek internships, and explore career opportunities.


Academic Performance:

Our services support students in mastering study techniques, managing academic stress, and achieving academic goals.


Personal Growth:

Our coaches aid in fostering personal growth by focusing on self-awareness, self-confidence, and emotional intelligence.


Life Balance:

We assist students in maintaining a balance between academics, personal life, and mental health, teaching them effective stress management and resilience building techniques.

Early Career Professionals


Career Development:

We offer coaching for setting clear career goals, making career decisions, and creating a professional development plan.


Work-Life Balance:

Our coaches help young professionals in managing their work-life balance, understanding how to juggle professional responsibilities with personal needs.


Skill Enhancement:

We focus on enhancing essential skills such as leadership, communication, time management, and problem-solving, which are crucial for professional growth.


Transition Management

We assist in managing the transition from student life to professional life, dealing with challenges that arise during the early career phase.

What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

I find the sessions to be very effective. The approach is realistic and I feel heard & understood.

Amrita Sen

I am satisfied. Great sessions, so action oriented. My coach here listened to me very well and helped my restore work-life balance

Ravi Das Gupta

I was assigned a life coach within a day. I found the process very professional and user friendly. My experience with Coach was very nice. I got the help I needed.

Surbhi Sharma


Positive Feedback

Jeevan Coach aims to deliver the world-class life coaching sessions with client centered approach

Clients served

Jeevan Coach have served thousands of clients from one of the best companies in the world

Sessions done

Jeevan Coach has successfully done thousands of sessions for clients and helped them to take charge of their mental & emotional health

  • 5 star rating 98% 98%
  • I am feeling better in my sessions 99% 99%
  • I am satisfied by the coach assigned 100% 100%
  • I made progress due to my sessions 99% 99%
  • I am recommending it to my family and friends 98% 98%

Take the first step towards your Growth & Success

Jeevan Coach – Best Life Coaching Services


Best life coaching Counselling at affordable & economical fee

Non Judgemental

Feel free to express how you feel, there is no right & wrong


Confidential Services

All the sessions are fully private and confidential. Share with freedom

Positive Environment

Transform your life in an encouraging & positive environment


You deserve the best care & guidance





Why Choose Us

Consult best life coaches in India

Some of the world’s most supremely successful people have used a life coach. You can consult a life coach when you want to fix or enhance certain area of life

Internationally certified life coaches

Jeevan Coach has selected the best of the best highly trained life coaches. We make sure you are coached only by certified, verified and effective life coaches

Empower yourself with personal life coaching

A life coach can help you gain clarity on what you want to do with your life and, planning how to do it. Achieve real results with your life coach

Book your 1-on-1 Consultation

Top Life Coaches for you

Consult the top online life coach in India. Talk to a certified & experienced life coach via voice call or video call


Affordable & Economical


No Judgement tags


Personalised & Confidential

Sajan Malhotra

Sajan Malhotra

Life Coach


Aysha Mazoon

Aysha Mazoon

Life Coach


Geetansh Gandhi

Geetansh Gandhi

Relationship Coach




Relationship Coach


Surya Kumar

Surya Kumar

Life Coach


Prashanthi Akula

Prashanthi Akula

Life Coach


Komal Jobanputra

Komal Jobanputra

Life Coach


START your healing Journey

Follow the given steps to start your sessions with Get connected with one of the best life coaches in India


Choose Package

Make the payment for the package you chose from among the 3. You can pay via debit card/ credit card / UPI / Wallet / Net banking.


Schedule Session

Within 24 hours, we would assign your case to the best suited coach for you. You would be contacted on whatsapp for scheduling.


STart Coaching

Start your journeywith your coach and experience the positive shifts in your life. Our support team is always tehre if you need any assistance.

Life Coaching Sessions

 Our Packages

1. If you are renewing your cycle or upgrading your package, you would be assigned the same coach

2. In case you are booking for the first time, then in 24 hours, the best-suited life coach would be assigned

3. You would be contacted on WhatsApp to schedule session as per your convenience

4. Different Time Zone Management is done effectively

Single Session



Validity – 10 days


Sessions: 1


Per session: 60 mins


Total duration: 60 mins

Total Value= ₹799

3 Sessions

₹699 /per session


Validity – 30 days


Sessions: 3


Per session: 60 mins


Total duration: 180 mins

Total Value= ₹2,097

6 Sessions

₹599 /per session


Validity – 60 days


Sessions: 6


Per session: 60 mins


Total duration: 360 mins

Total value = ₹3,594

What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

It was a really good experience having life coaching sessions from JeevanCoach. The sessions helped me a ton in dealing with the toughest situation of my life.


I was looking for a life coach who could help advance in my career. I am very happy with services of JeevanCoach.

Abhinav Kumar

I am going to renew my subscription. Sessions are helping me in planning my goals and taking action.

Bhavna Sikka

I was really stuck at a point, i had to take a major decision in life. Life coaching sessions from here helped understand and take decision confidently.


I connected with a coach who understood my present situation and helped express myself better in meetings and presentations.


I took 5 hours package and I see a great shift in my attitude and positivity – no self doubt, only confidence now.

Kiran Singh

Frequently Asked Questions

Which website can help with goal setting?

The best platform for getting quality guidance on goal setting & manifestation in India is JeevanCoach. Online coaching sessions (chat, call, or video call ) at best for your professional success and emotional and mental wellness

When should I seek a Life Coach?

You can take individual life coaching sessions at JeevanCoach when you desire to improve certain aspects of your personal or professional life ( eg: health, relationship, anxiety, stress, goal, time management etc). Or perhaps you want to advance in certain areas of your life that are already doing well.

A life coach can help you:

  • Increase your self esteem & confidence
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Enhance communication skills & personality
  • Create an action plan o achieve your goals
  • Overcome your fears that have been restricting you
  • Discover your best self
  • Be aware of your values & principles 
  • Learnt o take criticism positively 
  • Better decision making



How can a Life Coach help me?

A life coach can help you if :

  • You need Clarity and Direction
  • Want to set and achieve goals
  • You want to improve: Work performance, Relationships, Work-life balance, Time management, Communication skills
  • Want to uncover your hidden talents and discover what gives your life meaning

There are available personal coaching (1-on-1 individual) life coaching sessions. You can get in touch with the top life coaches in India to advance your life.

In what languages sessions are conducted ?

English , Hindi or Mix ( English + Hindi)

What is Online Life Coaching?

You can connect with internationally trained life coaches through online life coaching from the convenience and comfort of your home or any other location in the world. You can choose to work on areas that require improvement in your personal and professional lives during audio or video sessions with your allocated coach.

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I want to start my healing journey

Jeevan Coach

The top online life coaching platform in India. Our internationally trained, accredited, and experienced life coaches help people with gaining clarity, goal setting, better health & fitness, lifestyle upgradation, fulfilling relationships, time management, easing your major transition, self-esteem and letting go of self-sabotaging habits or patterns.

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